We have a dream to raise millions of dollars for African world aid. Rather than wait for millions to come in before we start, we want to start by giving what we can. We as musicians can start to do something. Western music owes so much to Africa for creative inspiration. In fact most, if not all modern music owes it's existence to the synthesis of European harmony with African rhythm. Out of this firstly came negro-spirituals and early gospel, and later blues, jazz and contemporary rock and roll. Even dance, disco, funk fusion rap, soul, r & b and heavy rock can be traced back in all it's forms to the early synthesis of two musical cultures in the slave plantations of the deep south of America.

Most musicians realise the indebtedness of modern music to Africa. Our challenge is quite simple to our friends in the musical community. Give what you can!! African musicians remain amongst the poorest of the poor in the worldwide scene. Instruments and equipment that Australian musicians consider inferior and out-of-date would be greatly prized by impoverished African musicians. Australian musicians can be part of a positive plan of action by donating extra or unwanted gear to the 'Blues for Africa' foundation. 'Blues for Africa' is a non-profit association dedicated to providing Christian aid and leadership training for people in Africa. The first stage of Blues for Africa is to provide help for African musicians who have a dream for a better future for their country.

The second stage of Blues for Africa is to use the goodwill that people in the musical community have toward Africa to stage 'Blues for Africa' variety concerts around the country with possible TV, radio and subsequent live albums featuring the best Aussie singers and songwriters along with Australia's best gospel artists. The aim of the concerts would be to:

Bring the message of hope that so many African musicians share to a much wider Australian audience.
Raise funds for Christian based aid agencies working in Africa
Educate a wide cross section of the general public about the important work done by Australian Christian aid agencies through a travelling African aid expo associated with the concerts.
Further publicise the need for musical instruments for musicians in African churches of all denominations and galvanise further support from within the Australian Music Industry.

If you can give musical instruments for Australia or Africa, or if you would like to help, make suggestions or give funds to this much needed project, please email:

For more information contact:
Blues for Africa
Australian Heart Ministries
PO Box 440, WOLLONGONG 2520
Ph/Fax: 61-2-4272 9100


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