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The Marshes father and son production team, have been busy last year at Main Street Recording Studios working on the new double album by The Marshes. Warwick and his eldest son Nathaniel Marsh worked together with producer/ guitarist Tim Dutton on the new album. Tim is rapidly developing a name for himself as a producer/ arranger/ guitarist in the Sydney studio scene. Even David Moyse ex-guitarist from Air Supply was called in to help and assist mixdown on some of the songs, including the radio friendly song for the Olympics called 'Stand For You'. Australia's most popular Aboriginal gospel artist, Robyn Green, performs on the new album along with many other gifted artists like Peter Stacey, Australia's own Kenny G, David Dow the Aboriginal version of Stevie Wonder (without the sunglasses) and many others.

The Marshes have been touring Australia for the past 10 years and have performed and recorded with Australia's best Indigenous artists, Adrian Ross and Robyn Green and other well known international artists such as Steve Grace and Darlene Zschech. Their first family album called 'Straight from the Heart' received wide radio airplay in 1995 on commercial radio and a film clip for 'Teach Your Children' was aired on Rage and commercial TV. Early last year The Marshes returned from a ground breaking 3-month world tour which took in USA, UK and Africa. Their music was heard on national radio and TV in a number of countries. The Marshes sound is ever changing and the most recent copy of the Australian Music Industry Directory says, "The Marshes are a zany musical family playing a unique blend of Australian indie rock and roots styles". The new double album called 'Fathers' breaks new boundaries and redefines the above description. The wide variety of musical styles include from modern rock to power pop, gospel to blues and soul, ska to reggae, country rock to melodic rock, funk to fusion, acid jazz to classical.

The whole family has participated in the song writing and production process. 'All I ask' is a passionate heart cry' written and sung by 18yr old Jonathan Marsh who is the bass player. 'Anymore' and 'If only' are two radio friendly songs written and sung by Nathaniel Marsh the drummer. Melodie helped her dad to write 'Fill our lives' and sings on both it and the secret track called 'Father, Father'.

The theme of fathers and fatherhood recurs throughout the album with such songs as the melodic rock song called 'Hearts of the Fathers', 'Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore' and 'Father, Father' a beautiful acoustic track written by Nathan and Cassie Garratt and featured as a secret track.

'Fathers' is a double album with a bonus album length disc of instrumental music. The instrumental disc contains some beautiful melodic and atmospheric tracks mixed with classical, funk, rock and fusion influences. The bonus music disc also features 16yr old Levi Marsh on baritone sax, tenor sax and didgeridoo. Israel Marsh, the youngest of the 4 brothers, lays down some tasteful rhythm and lead lines for a 13yr old guitarist. Alison Marsh sings and plays keyboards along with 7yr old Melodie Marsh who sings on a couple of tracks and provides distractions.

Music industry reaction has been positive and some tracks have been played on Triple J and commercial radio. Many people are looking forward to hear The Marshes new musical direction. Five years between albums is too long for such a 'zany musical family'.


Disc 1
1. Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
2. Hearts of the Fathers (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
3. Stand for You (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
4. Unity (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
5. If Only (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
6. Anymore (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
7. All I Ask (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
8. Get Down the Mountain (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
9. Trust in You (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
10. Billy Won't You Listen (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
11. Goulburn Gaol Blues (listen - 28k - 56k # lyrics )
12. Every Day (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
13. Tropical Praise (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
14. Fill our Lives (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
15. One Thing (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
16. Heavenly Places (listen - 28k - 56k - download # lyrics )
Disc 2
1. Fusion Praise (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
2. Didgeridoo Groove (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
3. Jazz in the Park (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
4. Creation (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
5. Get Down the Mountain (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
6. Space Monkeys (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
7. Tropical Praise - Island Mix (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
8. Surfing with the Lord (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
9. Meditation No 7 (listen - 28k - 56k - download )
10. Give Thanks (listen - 28k - 56k - download )

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