We plan our life and our time. It is also important to plan our giving. Many people who support Austrlaian Heart Ministries give us $20 per month. Others are able to give large annual donations of $12,000. Other companies such as Apple Computers or Yamaha Music are able to give goods in kind. We appreciate all gifts and pray God's bountiful blessings on those who are able to give to us.

Sponsorships Amount
1. Major Sponsor Agreed Amount
2. TV Show Naming Rights Sponsorhip
3. Gold Sponsor $12,000.00
4. Silver Sponsor $6,000.00
5. Bronze Sponsor $3,000.00
6. Strategic Mission Supporter $1,200.00
7. Supporter $240.00

For those who are in business, it is possible to organise tax deductible advertising business sponsorships.
Please contact us on 61-2-4272 9100 or email for more details - info@ausheart.com.au

Download the Giving Form: giving.rtf (Rich-Text Format)

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