Australian Heart Ministries is to establish a media platform to empower people and share vision. Part of this process is establishing credibility and the necessary framework for fundraising. Initially TV media costs will be high, but in the long term the initial investment will pay off, as funds are attracted to Australian Heart Ministries non-profit work because of increased awareness and higher visibility.

Over the last few years Australian Heart Productions have produced 20 TV programs shown on Optus cable and some overseas TV stations. Over the last twelve years Australian Heart Music has helped produce over a dozen albums and their music has been heard on Australian commercial radio, including Triple J. Over the last five years Australian Heart Music artists have featured on over six compilations. Quite a few songs have been heard on overseas radio and have been distributed at MIDEM in Cannes, France, the biggest music industry gathering in the world.

As we enter the new millennium, media is becoming the domain of the smaller player. Content is king. Creativity and technology are enabling passionate people to communicate with billions of people. Apple computers have provided the first stage of a high class TV edit suite through a fold sponsorship. Other companies and individuals are indicating their support, and we believe we are on track for over 100% growth in 2002. Australian Heart Ministries is in a unique position to develop a strong media presence over the next five years and help millions of people, and reach a billion people with new knowledge and a message of empowerment.

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