'China with the Marshes' is a 48 minute TV programme also available as 2 X 25 minute TV programs. Both are available on video. It is a wonderful resource for those who would like to learn more about China.

'China with the Marshes' is a triumphant story of the exciting Chinese church. The Chinese Church survived terrible persecution during the cultural revolution and is currently enjoying explosive growth in numbers. China's Christian millions are experiencing an amazing revival and are destined to become one of the largest blocks of Christian people on the face of the earth.

The Marshes are a musical family who have toured Australia, and the world over, in the last ten years, sharing the 'Good News' of God's love through their musical gifts. Warwick and Alison Marsh as Dad and Mum play guitar and keyboard and sing while Nathaniel plays the drums, Jonathan plays bass guitar, Levi plays didgeridoo and saxophone, Israel plays guitar and Melodie sings.

The Marshes have experienced the love of China's church firsthand. They were inspired by the sincerity and warmth of China's Christian people. The Marshes hope that you also will be inspired by the wonderful story of the Chinese church in 'China with the Marshes'.

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