Unique opportunities exist to supply Christian training to the Chinese church. The need for sound Bible teaching and Christian leadership training is enormous. Many of the leaders within the Chinese church do not have adequate Bible training. Many times it is because they did not have access to own a Bible. Bibles are still needed in the more remote areas. The Bible printing currently being undertaken by the government in Nanking is still considered inadequate to meet the ever increasing demand.

The opportunities that exist are for training and leadership development within some of the Bible colleges. The ideal is that such teachers should speak Mandarin, but it is still possible to work with interpreters. Chinese pastors and ministers are beginning to travel overseas for university Bible courses. There is a need for support for them and provision of scholarships so that they can learn in other environments. Of course there is also a huge need to support pastors who are pioneering church development in newer and poorer areas. The Chinese church in general is under-resourced and would gladly receive outside help. Government regulations concerning these matters are still negative, but through prayer and patient discussion those obstacles often disappear.

Friends of China believe that in the coming years, as the government removes oppressive regulations, there will be great opportunity for the Christian world to openly help the church of China in a wonderful way.

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