Australian Heart Ministries is strongly committed to the local church. The founders of Australian Heart Ministries, Warwick & Alison Marsh, have a background in both the Baptist and Anglican churches. In the early seventies they both independently joined the Lighthouse Christian Centre, Wollongong. They met at the LCC youth group and were married in 1975 by Ps Bill Beard, the founding pastor of Lighthouse Christian Centre. Warwick & Alison served as band leaders, musicians, outreach directors, choir & youth leaders, conference organisers, church builders, worship leaders and Ps Bill's crusade director, counting themselves as spiritual sons and daughters of Ps Bill and Joan Beard, until Ps Bill passed on in 2000. Joan Beard is now a member of Australian Heart Ministries' Advisory Board.

Australian Heart Ministries' belief in the local church is reflected in Warwick & Alison's 30-year commitment to their own church. This is a testimony to their belief in the need to be a vital part of a local expression of the Body of Christ. At the same time, Warwick & Alison are firm believers in the global Body of Christ, which takes on many different expressions and denominational groupings. They have ministered in Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Uniting, Brethren, Assemblies of God, Southern Baptist, Church of God, Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Congregational, Foursquare, Apostolic, Christian City, Charismatic, Aboriginal, Cell, many multicultural and unique national churches in over a dozen countries around the world. The Body of Christ is a diverse and varied expression of God's love. Unity in the fundamental issues of the Christian faith and our love for God and each other draws us all together. Warwick & Alison Marsh are committed to the Body of Christ in the fullest sense.

In Wollongong, Warwick has been a catalyst for several large inter-denominational prayer gatherings. He is a committed member of the Wollongong Pastors Prayer Breakfast and is in regular fellowship with several key Wollongong Christian leaders. The Board of Australian Heart Ministries are all committed members of the local church.

As accredited pastors with the Assemblies of God, Australia, Warwick & Alison are in fellowship with several key leaders on a national level and are equally passionate about the local church, the church in Australia and the church or Body of Christ throughout the world.

Jesus Christ died for the church and commanded us to follow his example, as the church is, "the ground of truth . . . and the assembly of the first born". The church is still the primary vehicle for God's purposes on the earth. Australian Heart Ministries is fully committed to working with and supporting the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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