Australian Heart Ministries has been greatly inspired by Mother Teresa who said, "Nothing we do would mean anything without our worship". Warwick Marsh, the co-founder of Australian Heart Ministries has a long term goal to set up a 24 hour worship / prayer missions center. In 1725 the Moravians started a prayer meeting that went for 100 years. They became the founders of the modern missionary movement and affected church history more than any other movement over the last 500 years. It was a Moravian missionary that led john Wesley to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. John Wesley and the Methodist movement had a massive effect around the world at every level of human society. It was from out of Methodist urban mission groups and offshoots from the Methodist church that the Pentecostal church sprang, now the biggest single block of Christians on the face of the earth today.

Currently Australian Heart Ministries is looking for land in the Illawarra, close to Wollongong central where they can build a worship / missions centre. The centre would become a place for 24-hour worship and prayer, as well as a place to train young people in creative media and musical missions.

Early in 2002, Warwick Marsh called a monthly prayer and worship meeting that could be the beginning of more regular worship and prayer for the nations. By the grace of God, over a period of several years this prayer / worship time could become 24 hours of continuous prayer and worship.

Australian Heart Ministries is working with Rodger Rapsey of Face to Face Ministries, Sydney, to organise a monthly 7pm-11pm time with God, focused worship and prayer to glorify Jesus. This is part of a larger plan to call people to worship in Australia for no other reason than to simply love God. We believe Wollongong, Sydney and Canberra are key cities in God's plan for 24-hour worship and praise. If you would like to learn more about our dreams for a Worship / Missions Centre, or find ways you would like to help this vision come to pass please email: worship@ausheart.com.au or speak to:

Warwick Marsh
Australian Heart Ministries
PO Box 440
Ph/Fax: 61-2-4272 9100

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