The Music & Creative Capital of Australia

Wollongong was once known as the industrial heartland of Australia. Over the last twenty years it has become the industrial wasteland of Australia with some of the highest unemployment rates per capita in the country. Businesses struggle to survive and crime and youth suicide increase at an alarming rate. I believe we can change the above picture by applying 'practical faith' and working together for the common good.

I have a dream to see Wollongong become a thriving, prosperous, positive source of spiritual and creative output for the betterment of Australia and the world. For too long we have believed a lie that if it comes from Wollongong, it must be second rate, or that to achieve anything we must move to Sydney or overseas. I believe that we will see the day when people will come from all over the world to record in our studios, talk to our world renowned songwriters, seek advice from our Oscar winning film producers, walk in our exciting art galleries, enjoy our exciting performances, watch our dazzling theatre productions, visit and experience our world worship prayer centre, enjoy the vibrant, unified Illawarra Christian churches, listen to our creative radio stations and watch our ground breaking TV productions.

Crime rates will fall and hopelessness will disappear as people become filled with practical faith for the future. Unemployment will become a thing of the past. The divorce rate will drop as families find faith for the future. Child abuse will disappear and the goals and courts will be empty.

People will come from all over the world to study at our superior universities, colleges and technical colleges. Wollongong will export inventions and technology all over the world and become a centre for the world wide web. Major multi-national computing and high technology companies will set up major offices in Wollongong to take advantage of the large pool of highly creative and motivated people who live in this city. Wollongong's wonderful tapestry of rainforest covered mountains and pristine beaches will become even more sought after and the South Coast will become a world renowned tourist destination.

This is all possible if we work together. Wollongong will have to believe in the creative gift of God that it has been given. Wollongong people will have to change their opinion about themselves and believe the best instead of the worst. I call this 'practical faith'. Each politician, business, trade union, church individual and government body will have to lay down petty politics and act as one for the benefit of the city. Selfish gain will disappear. Everyone will know they will do better in the long term if they work together now.

The Illawarra church can play a key role through prayer and setting a practical example of unity as they did at the ground breaking Harvest 2000 event at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. This was the first time the Entertainment Centre has been filled to it's 6,000 person capacity in it's history.

"Where people dwell together in unity, there the Lord commands a blessing, even life for evermore".

God is our Father, the Creator of all good things. True creativity comes from Him. Wollongong will succeed as the creative capital of Australia as the church opens the door of blessing for the whole community and provides practical faith solutions to a community with many needs and questions. Together we can make Wollongong the Music and Creative Capital of Australia known throughout the world.

Warwick Marsh


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