Australian Heart Music was formed in 1989 as a small independent label for Aboriginal and other Aussie artists. Styles covered range from rock to pop, reggae to gospel, hip hop to fusion, as well as some releases that could best be described as alternative. We have several artists on our roster totally well over a dozen titles. We have access to many other titles through our joint venture arrangements with other independent record companies. The vision of Australian Heart Music is to provide a vehicle for talented Aussie artists to get their music to a worldwide audience. Behind this vision is a deep desire to express the Australian Heart in praise to God and provide positive answers for people in need.

Australian Heart Music is a non-profit subsidiary of Australian Heart Ministries. All profits from publishing and product sales are either ploughed back into supporting and promoting the music, or used to help people in need.

Australian Heart Music has a distribution network through Christian bookshops and many churches to most parts of Australia. We are listed as suppliers in the CBA wholesales. We have distribution access in the broad Australian market. We are now working hard at increasing our marketing network both in Australia and overseas. In 1998 Australian Heart Music attended POPKOM in Germany and we are also members of the Australian Independent Record Association. We were one of the first members of ACAN, Australian Christian Artists Network which was established in 1999. Australian Heart Music fully supports the work of GAFFA-the Gospel Artists Fellowship For Australia.

Australian Heart Music has a long term plan to bring our music before a worldwide audience through TV. We are providing guitars and other instruments for disadvantaged people in Australia and Africa. This is the first stage of Blues for Africa which has a long-term goal to raise millions of dollars in aid and training for Africa. Even this work started with a song.

Australian Heart Music is keen to embrace change and keep developing new music and new artists to fulfill the dream.

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