Australian Heart Music has a strong passion to promote Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander music. Australian Heart Music has helped numerous indigenous artists with recording, production and touring opportunities. Aboriginal artists such as Peter Morgan NT, Robyn Green NT, Peter Compton NSW, David Dow NSW, Phil Barlow Nth Qld, Peter Walker NSW, Elcho Island Singers NT, Charlie Campbell NSW, Trevor Prior QLD and many others

Australian Heart Music promoted the inclusion of an Aboriginal and Islander section in the highly successful MUSOZ Challenge to further promote Indigenous artists.

Australian Heart Music has a vision to provide a voice for indigenous gospel singers. The Aboriginal people of Australia are a very spiritual people and have a greater number of Christians per head of population than white Australia. They have suffered enormously over the last 200 years and acted with great grace and dignity in the face of white oppression. The Praise Corroboree was part of this long-term goal to open the doors for Aboriginal Christian Music to both Australia and the world.


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