In 2000 Warwick Marsh shared the concept of a music compilation album for worldwide promotion to help Aussie musical artists. Pat Maloney, being a very creative thinker, expanded the original decision and ultimately took the idea and made it a reality with the help of Mike Betts of Wollongong City Training and Employment.

The first MUSOZ competition was held in October 2001 with entries from all over Australia. The winning artist was signed with Sony Records and 16 category winners were announced in the following genres.

1. New Alternative Pop
2. Indigenous
3. Jazz
4. Folk
5. Classical
6. Country
7. Blues
8. Dance
9. Rap
10. R & B
11. Christian/Religious
12. World Music
13. Hard rock/Metal/Hard Core
14. Pop Rock
15. Performance Category
16. Radio i98 - Listeners Choice

The MUSOZ Board Members are:
Pat Maloney, CEO of MUSOZ; Rob Specogna, Main Street Studios; Ed Lee, Studio Arts; Mike Betts, CEO, Wollongong City Training & Employment, and Warwick Marsh, Australian Heart Ministries. The vision is to continue to promote the festival on an annual basis, to further promote the local music industry and promote Australian Music to the world.

If you would like more information on MUSOZ contact Pat Maloney:
Ph: 61-2-4227 1715 or Mobile: 041 603 7712

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