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Title Artist Format Cat No. RRP Style
Fathers The Marshes CD (double disk) AHM CD107 $29.95 Pop-reggae, Blues-fusion
Straight from the Heart The Marshes CD WMCD 106 $24.95 Australian rock with roots feel
Praise from the Australian Heart Spacer Spacer Spacer Spacer Spacer
Volume 1(out of stock) Warwick Marsh and Friends CD CD101 $24.95 Contemporary Australian Praise and Worship
Volume 2(out of stock) CD CD102 $24.95
Volume 3(out of stock) CD WMCD 105 $24.95
Christmas from the Australian Heart Warwick Marsh and Friends CD CD 103 $14.95 Australian Christmas Album
Don't Kill the Children Good News Band Cassette GD 107 $14.95 Aussie Rock
Praise Corroboree (out of stock) Indigenous Artists CD (double disk) CDPC101 $29.95 Live indigenous gospel/contemporary
Its In My Hear Peter & Eva Morgan Cassette PEM 771 $14.95 Indig country gospel
No Compromise bent CD AHM B 777 $29.95 Rapcore


Title Artist Format Cat No. RRP
China with The Marshes The Marshes PAL V 102 $29.95
Documentary on the travels of the Marshes in China. 'The triumphant story of the Chinese church through the eyes of a musical Australian family'. (Please specify if you need NTSC video copy)

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